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Our agents are not just any call center reps; they're American-managed experts in customer engagement and sales maximization, operating globally from strategic locations like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tijuana, Chihuahua, and the Philippines.

Our Services Include

Cold Calling & Live Transfers

Dialing into cold and warm leads to nurture customer relationships and ensure high-quality live transfers.

LinkedIn & Email Outreach

Using tools like Outreach IO and for sophisticated relationship building and lead generation.

Client Outreach & Follow-Ups

Persistent follow-up on form fills and direct messaging to keep the conversation going on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Hiring & Onboarding

Leveraging our hiring expertise to onboard specialized and critical team members for your business

Bookkeeping & Recruitment

Ensuring your financials are in order while sourcing the best talent for your operational needs.

The Scaling Squad's Promise:

We don't just support businesses; we transform them. Our specialized BPO services are designed to adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring you forget the hassle of traditional office setups. Trust in our overpaid VAs – because when they thrive, so does your business. Give us a shot; witness the growth brought by our college-degree-holding professionals and experience operational excellence.

NIck Korom - Patient Rhino

John Danes - Leadjolt

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Outsourcing

We provide tailored solutions to fit your unique business requirements without the need for you to manage office locations or SOPs.

Process Optimization

Our team ensures best practices for outbound dials, nurturing warm leads, and closing sales.

Strategic Consulting

Our experts, including co-founder Alex Gold, offer deep insights to help you scale efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We handle all funnel build outs.

We handle all direct reponse copy.

We design all creatives.

We handle all the tech from zapier, crm, tracking, and more.

We have our own proprietary tracking system that tracks all KPIs.

We Guarantee Top-Tier BPO Services Tailored to Your Business Goals

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