Empower your staff to focus on growth while we manage the repetitive tasks, removing the operational stress Specialized in Chronology services and Radiology clinics

Unlock Sustainable Growth and Efficiency with Expert BPO Services

Scale Operations

From 1,000 to 10,000 imaging studies a month, seamlessly manage your operations with our expertise.

Quality Assurance

Reduce addendum requests and improve report accuracy with standardized processes.

Reduce Costs

With specialized virtual assistants, reduce overhead and operational costs significantly.

CRM Implementation

Implement state-of-the-art CRM solutions, tailored to your needs, to efficiently manage patient data, appointments, and more.


Dedicated bookkeepers for payables, receivables, and integration with your current systems

Performance Monitoring

Gain insights into your operations by measuring all vital KPIs, ensuring consistent growth and improvement.

Dedicated Chronology Team

For doctors facing depositions, our team will manage and produce detailed chronology summaries, streamlining the process and saving precious time.

Medical Licensing & Credentialing

Manage medical license reminders for all doctors and assist with imaging center credentialing, ensuring compliance.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Develop and refine SOPs to standardize workflows, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and easy onboarding for new team members.

Hiring Support

Benefit from our expertise in onboarding specialized transcriptionists and other critical team members.

Operational Assessment

Regularly optimize bottlenecks, enhance service factors, and achieve optimal Turn Around Times.


Wide Range of Services: From medical chronology summaries to narrative summaries, billing summaries, deposition summaries, and demand letters, we cater to the diverse needs of medical and legal professionals.

  • Detailed Time Logging: Precision is at the forefront of our service. We meticulously log time spent on each report, ensuring transparency and simplifying the reimbursement process from the deposing firm.
  • Expert Compilation: Our seasoned professionals condense medical and legal records, ensuring that summaries are relevant, comprehensive, and provide clarity without losing substance.
  • Tailored for Deposition Needs:
    • Clear trajectories of symptoms across time.
    • Pain charts detailing discomfort levels for individual body parts across distinct timeframes.
    • Comprehensive overviews of each hospital or clinic visit.
    • Intuitive bookmarks and hyperlinks for swift navigation during live depositions.
  • Time & Cost-Efficient: Transforming hours of potential review into crisp summaries, saving valuable time and resources considering the hourly reimbursements.
  • HIPAA Compliance and Security:We prioritize data confidentiality, strictly adhering to HIPAA guidelines and ensuring every data point is handled meticulously.
  • Specialization in Mass Tort Cases: Navigate complex scenarios like the BP Oil Spill, NEC due to formula, Defective Hernia Mesh, and more, with our dedicated services.
  • Streamlined Processes: With structured summaries, both doctors and attorneys can focus on their primary tasks without wading through extensive records, ensuring efficient and productive sessions.
  • Financial Clarity: Simplified reimbursement processes with our detailed time logs eliminate ambiguity and potential disputes
  • Insights with Integrity: Our summaries may be concise, but they maintain the depth and integrity of the original records.
  • Customized Support: Our team is available for consultations, customizing summaries to the specific needs of each case.
  • Comprehensive Value: Beyond mere summarization, we’re about enhancing the efficiency of the entire deposition and legal process, ensuring all professionals involved are well-prepared and minimizing unforeseen expenses.
  • Unlocking Hidden Potential: Our medico-legal experts meticulously scrutinize case details, identifying nuanced elements that elevate 5-figure cases to 6-figure and 6-figure cases to 7-figure outcomes.

Meet the team & Workflow

We have optimized our extensive experience and adaptable workflow to effectively cater to your diverse needs. Customizing our chronologies and other services is our specialty, tailored to your specific requirements. We have a team of over 50 skilled summary experts, providing a total availability of 1,500+ man hours per week and the capability to review up to 50,000 pages every week.

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